How to test the bytecode safety when changing optimization runs from 200 to 1M?

Assume I have a very high profile contract holding a lot of funds. it is deployed a few times and being used on main-net. always with solc runs set to 200.

now I am considering to set it to 1 million or so. and possibly save some gas.
how to test byte code is still safe?

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Hi @ilanD,

I didn't see any recommendations in the solidity documentation:

The best thing I found was the recommendation to have rigourous (all code paths) end to end tests for your contracts in the post on a previous optimizer bug:
For developers – bugs within the Solidity compiler are difficult to detect with tools like vulnerability detectors, since tools which operate on source code or AST-representations do not detect flaws that are introduced only into the compiled bytecode.

The best way to protect against these types of flaws is to have a rigorous set of end-to-end tests for your contracts (verifying all code paths), since bugs in a compiler very likely are not “silent” and instead manifest in invalid data.

Thank you for this reply

Code does has full coverage
hope it will be enough to find any issue.

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