How To Set Address in Truffle Console To Call Contract Functions

Hello everyone,

I'll try to be as brief and as succinct as possible.

I have a Timelock contract that I sent tokens to "lock" for a period of 1 day so I can test the contract. Here is the contract below:


The contract was deployed and I am using Truffle Console to interact with the contract. See image below to get an idea of what I am trying to accomplish:

My question Truffle Console, how can I make the call to withdraw the funds sent to the contract 2 days ago back to the wallet? The duration is set for a day.

And the other question is...and check my logic here...when I type in lock.duration(), the console responds with 86400 which, to my knowledge, is seconds that equal to 1 day.

I have NO IDEA where the 35312049, 24 number came from...because in seconds, that equals to about 409 days.

Does that mean the funds are locked in the contract for 409 days even though I set the duration for a day?

Thanks to all in advance who respond. Your comments are appreciated.

Keep rocking and have a great day!