How to send transaction with struct from command line

How to send the struct when I send transaction from command line.

This is error showed up.

contract-dir git:(master) βœ— oz send-tx
human (tuple): {age: 23, name: 'shin', borth: 2019, metaData: 'meta'}
invalid tuple value (coderType="tuple", value="{age: 23, name: 'shin', borth: 2019, metaData: 'meta'}", version=4.0.39)
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Hi Shinsaku,

Can you share your smart contract (or a snippet including the struct and the function you want to call)?

Thank you for the answer.

pragma solidity 0.5.11;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;

contract Human {

    struct Person {
        uint256 age;
        string name;
        uint256 borth;
        string metaData;

    function create(Person memory person) public returns(bool) {
        return true;

This is contract I want to send the transaction.

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Hi @Shinsaku,

I don’t know how to provide a tuple. I will have to investigate and come back to you on Monday.

Hi @Shinsaku,

An issue and a Pull Request have been created to support tuples in interactive commands:

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Thank you very very much!

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Hi @Shinsaku,

Tuple support is in OpenZeppelin CLI 2.7 RC.0, please try it out when you get a chance: