How to see Active proposals with another account?


I have created and approved a mint action using Multisig Wallet with Account 1.
I can see active proposals in Admin dashborad:

I created a new Account 2, I imported the ERC721 smart contract, but I can't see Active proposals.

Is there any steps that I missed?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @hamza1,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you explain what you mean when you say you created a new Account 2 and imported the ERC721? Do you mean you've registered a new Defender account?

If you want your proposal to be approved by multiple accounts or manage your proposals with your team, you must add them as collaborators.

Then each person will be able to see your proposal, connect their wallet and approve/reject the proposal you have created.

I hope this helps!

Thank you @Aleksandr for your help, it was what I'm looking for.

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