How to save list of Miners?

Is it possible to save miners of the blocks?
I need a list of miners
in my smart contract.

Hey! Are you able to give us more information?
Are you able to define "miners" and what contract are we talking about?

I need block validators in my smart contract, because smart contract want to give them rewards,
when every address validate new block.
I have question
How can I get BSCscan APIs about blocks? is it possible?

I don't think that you can get the address of the miner that mined the last block in a smart contract.
You may need to use a oracle for this.

what oracle I should use that?
Am I build new oracle?

I don't think there is a oracle for this. You would need a python script or whatever on a server that checks the address of the miner from the last block to your contract every block but this might be very expensive.

thank you so much