How to remove a proposal from Admin for Gnosis Safe?

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Is there a way to remove a proposal for an admin action in defender?
Someone made one, and the next person to look at it noticed it’s not what we want so we aren’t going to execute it. I don’t see any way to remove it from the list

Attempting to add another proposal gives:
This proposal cannot be executed right now because there are older pending transactions in the Gnosis Safe

You can reject the proposal in the Gnosis Safe interface. I don’t think there is a way to do this currently in Defender.

I believe that Gnosis Safe doesn’t allow you to have multiple proposals so you need to reject the unwanted one first.

You're right Andy, we don't support rejecting a proposal from Defender (yet). Doing it from the Safe UI is the best way to go.

Safe does allow you to have multiple open proposals, but it doesn't allow you to execute proposal out-of-order.

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I just want to +1 adding the ability to reject. We also just made a simple mistake, and now need to reject. This feels like a table-stakes feature to be able to reject from the UI. Good to know that you can reject from the Gnosis interface. Though most of the reason I’m using Defender is because Gnosis interface is terrible, ha.



Hi @blakewest,

Thanks for the feedback. It is much appreciated.

Hi @blakewest,

The team are working on this and the plan is to have it available in the next few weeks.

@abcoathup hey, running into a related issue. I issued a proposal via the wrong Gnosis safe, which doesn’t have proper perms. So Defender is telling me I can’t approve. I want to cancel it, so I went to the gnosis safe interface, but it doesn’t show up in the transactions list there. Is it because it’s got invalid perms, or something? Any idea what’s going on? Or any other way for me to cancel it, and be able to use that safe again? Thanks - Blake

Hey @blakewest! The proposal is shown on the Safe UI only after the first approval (due to limitations with the underlying Gnosis Safe transaction service), so if you’re not being able to approve it, it will not show on their UI. We’re working hard to get rejections ready in the Defender UI, but in the meantime, we can manually remove it from your account. Feel free to share the proposal identifier (just copy the URL!) via email to (from the same email account you use for Defender) and we’ll take care of it for you.

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