How to make a contract inheriting ChalinkClient UUPS upgradable?

Getting the error below when deploying the contract on the local hardhat network. How is it supposed to be made upgradeable?

I think this is something Chainlink guys are already discussion and is an open issue:

So, for now, no way to make a contract using Chainlink upgradeable safely?

:1234: Code to reproduce

  1) MyContract
       "before all" hook for "Retrieves the version":
     Error: Contract `MyContract` is not upgrade safe

@chainlink\contracts\src\v0.8\ChainlinkClient.sol:32: Variable `requestCount` is assigned an initial value
    Move the assignment to the initializer
      at assertUpgradeSafe (node_modules\@openzeppelin\upgrades-core\src\validate\query.ts:19:11)
      at deployImpl (node_modules\@openzeppelin\hardhat-upgrades\src\utils\deploy-impl.ts:51:20)
      at Proxy.deployProxy (node_modules\@openzeppelin\hardhat-upgrades\src\deploy-proxy.ts:35:28)
      at Context.<anonymous> (test\MyContract.test.js:14:15)

:computer: Environment


As far as I can see from the links you provided here it is not possible to use the Chainlink contracts in an upgradeable context (UUPS or otherwise).