How to let people stake x token to use my dapp

Hello lovely people,

Am bulding a dapp where users must stake x amount of my token to use the dapp, but stuck somewhere

Do i have to create LP TOKEN and get lp pair address so all the staked token on my dapp will go to that lp?

Or do i have to create a staking contract that will just hold the token people stake, in this case thats a timelock contract not staking

The best explain the staking mechanism i want to deploy is IDO platforms ( trustpad for example)

To be able to participate in any IDO you have to stake x amount of the platform token, and you will get 10% apr for example

I have no problem with coding, but need to understand the logic behind this mechanism.

Thank you

You would have to create a staking contract. Whether you want to put the staked tokens into an LP position is another question. They're independent.

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Could you please share any article that talk about how to put staked token in LP pool, i have been searching for hours with no luck

Thanks frangio

My recommendation is to look at Uniswap documentation: Providing Liquidity.