How to get the metadata for a transaction using webhook

I need to know if I can get the transaction information like: token_uri, metadata, owner, creator ...ect, using webhook (autotask), becuase I want to do something usign these info

Hi @Mohammed_Qbalah

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Assuming your setup is an Autotask invoked by a webhook that triggers a relayer to "mint" an NFT.
You can check out the transaction object that is returned from the relayer here.

Note that you can return custom values as part of your Autotask itself. You can find an example documented here.

So you could modify your Autotask code to query your contract for information, such as the owner or token_uri for a given token ID.

You can also POST data with your webhook request, and access it from event.request.body

Note that you could setup an Autotask that is triggered by a Sentinel every time a mint occurs. From there, you can access transaction events for more information.

Hope that helps!