How to delete verified and not verified deployed smart contract from remix to moonbeam?

Hi. We have two smart contracts created for token, on moonbeam test, which were created with remix.

If anyone so skilled, would be able to share steps, how to delete the verified and not verified smart contract on moonbeam?

As well, can be a verified or not verified smart contract on test environment used for real environment, or it MUST be new smart contract created?

We appreciate your answer.

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Sorry, I am not familiar with the moonbeam, and I am not sure what do you mean delete the contract, but I think you can have a look at this: self destruct | Solidity

At least for the Ethereum, test environment is different from the real environment, that is you need to deploy contracts separately.

Thank you Skyge. Self destruct is the right answer, correct. Thank you.

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