How to create contract that locks airdrop from withdrawal

Hello. I will like to create a contract that locks airdrop from withdrawing at least for 3 months.

Specifications of the contract I want:

  1. After airdropping certain amounts of token to their wallets, I want to lock that particular tokens so it won’t be withdrawn immediately liquidity is added till after 2/3 months.

  2. Contract that burns 2% of token in every transaction

  3. Contract that adds 5% to liquidity automatically in every transaction.

  4. Contract that charges 3% fee of every transaction

  5. Contract that redistribute 2% to holders.

Please I’m new to this and I will like any help or reference to solve this, especially number 1 specification. Thank you

No reply from anyone?

Perhaps if you show the code you have tried to write we can help.

Take a look at the guidelines below to have a better chance of getting answers.