How to create a token that can be sold 10% each month ? (limited sale)

Hello everyone I am new to this community.

I was wondering if I can create a token (smart contract) that can allow the buyers to sell in a limited way. When they buy 1000 of this token for example they are allowed to sell only 100 token each month for 10 months in a row. How is it called and what the function in solidity ? Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to create extra supply monthly or you can pause the contract and unpause it
Another way is to create a function _pauseGrater and use timstanp

Thanks maljefairi ! But the countdown will begin after each purchase right ? So it will unlock for each buyer on different dates depending on when they bought it ?

U can set _newTimeStamp after each purchase and it will reset automatically make it part of the contract