How to connect Upgradeable Contracts with React App

I m trying to figure out to get the values from the contract to show up in my react although there are various examples like but I would like to follow another approach rather than remaking the whole structure again… and as far as I searched on the forum the one with network.js is depreciated so please guide to the correct way…


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I think just like a common way, initialize contract by the contract address and contract abi, and then call the function you want.

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Hi @Nadim,

OpenZeppelin Network.js is deprecated. See: Doubling down on security

You could look at:

Alternatively (from: Doubling down on security)

The full code of network-js is not very long and it’s easy to follow, making it easy to replicate the logic in your own app if needed.

Otherwise you can use

Hi @Nadim,

Were you able to connect to your upgradeable contract?