How to change the Name/Title of a minted ERC721 Token having metadata on IPFS

Hi everyone, in some collection on OpenSea, we read in the description: "The owner of a token can change its title and trade it like any other ERC721 NFT." The question is: if I buy a token ERC721 from a collection on OpenSea, how EXACTLY can I change the TITLE of a minted token? Consider, for example, as if I minted a ERC721-NFT with Remix, using ERC721PresetMinterPauserAutoId.sol with JSON metadata file stored on IPFS, and already deployed the contract with token "0" on Mainnet: how can, EACH SUBSEQUENT OWNER, change the token's NAME/TITLE? Thank you.

This would be a custom feature of an ERC721. A simple ERC721PresetMinterPauserAutoId would not allow token owners to change the title.

You need to build the NFT metadata on chain if you want to do that.

Very clear answer. Many thanks @frangio