How to better make reference to Defender Proposals

Would be great to have a form of mapping between Proposals in Defender and the transactions nonces executed through a Gnosis Safe (it could also even work for EOA). The idea is to be able to have a quick way to reference things. Many teams communicates by asking to sign transaction with nonce X.

Also, proposals are defined by a UUID which are pretty good to avoid collisions, but you could also have a local namespace identifier like GRT-1, GRT-2... or FORT-1, FORT-2... depending on the project. See Linear for how they handle issue ids.

Thanks for the feedback, Ariel! We have a pending redesign of the Admin page, and making nonces more prominent is a part of it - especially since they dictate the order in which things need to be executed.

As for the local namespace identifier, we've seen many teams just include them as part of the title, and we plan on supporting that with some in-app search capabilities in the future.