How to assign another Token Contract to initialiser of a contract?

I have a contract that has a reference to another contract:

function initialize(IERC20 token, address owner) public initializer {

    _token = token;
    _startVesting = now;

But when I want to initialise this contract within a truffle test, it breaks with a strange, very long error:

   "before each" hook for "minting with vesting works generally":
 Error: invalid address (arg="token", coderType="address", value={"constructor":{"contractName":"CityToken","abi":[{"constant":true,"inputs":[],"name":"name","outputs":[{"name":"",

. and so on (it is flooding my screen in red)

this is my test code:

beforeEach(async function () {
    token = await{from: owner});
    await token.initialize( owner );

    example = await{from: owner});
    await example.initialize(token, owner);

The CityToken is derived from StandaloneToken, which es derived from ERC20Mintable, which implements the required IERC20-interface.

Is this the wrong way to pass a contract to another? How should I do?

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Just change:


await example.initialize(token.address, owner);

and this should work.