How much tokens I should put into liquidity?

Hey, sorry if I ask this in a wrong prefix.

I see many tokens add 30-40% from total supply into liquidity and 70-60% are held by holders.

Would I do a big mistake if I add 70%-80% from total supply into Liquidity and distribute 20-30% to the holders?


Please provide more context, and specifically - all the relevant code (though only the relevant code).

Its a general question about the % of liquidity, the smart contract doesnt matter

There are different types of tokens, defined by different formal standards (e.g., ERC20).

There are different types of liquidity-pools, I'm not even sure that there is any formal standard for any of them.

Your question gives absolutely zero context to all of this, so any answer that you get here, will likely fail to meet your exact needs.