How do I find a technical founder/CTO?

I’m building a social token platform for artists and athletes but want to build a team so we can change the music industry and put power into the artist’s hands. I’m a non-technical founder that has experience with token economics and mapped out the whole App but can’t really code anything. Where do I find a team to help bring the platform to life?

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Hi @Alexander_Yoseph,

Welcome to the community :wave:.

I would suggest working out what you are looking for and what you are offering. Then network network network, ideally in person communities and hackathons, otherwise in online communities and online hackathons.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I forsure know what i’m looking for and offering so guess the next step is to network like crazy. Thank you

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Hi @Alexander_Yoseph,

A hackathon (even online, because Covid) could be a great place to look.
You could try to carve out a subset of your idea and ask pre-hackathon in the hackathon community if anyone wants to help build it.

Good luck with the networking.


Check out this guide -

It will help you a lot