Hourly Rates or total Price for Smart Contract Freelancers

How do you guys estimate (or calculate) your rates for development of Smart Contracts? Against to Web applications or Mobile applications we’ll write less code. With Frameworks like OpenZeppelin we are able to deliver within a few days (or even hours) instead of many months of hard work. But this all requires knowledge, that we figured out in many days/weeks/months of hard working, reading and learning. We also have learned from our own mistakes or those from other SC-developers that we and them did in the past, but are now able to avoid these against to junior developers.

Since our lines of code will manage and keep big funds of money, we also have a huge responsibility in our development to built this all up in a safe manner. Unless an App developer would just send a new update of the code to the App store, there is a danger in our cases that funds will be stolen or are just lost forever before we can do anything. And so on.

I think all these points needs to be considered in estimation for offers. How do you guys think about it? What is your approach to find a price?


Interested to see what the response is from the community.

ConsenSys included some average full time salaries in their recent Blockchain Jobs report:

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