Hiring: Smart contract developer for innovative NFT project

Hey guys,

We have a really cool project we are looking for some help with.

The goal is to create an NFT minting project akin to CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, or more recently, CryptoBeasts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Like in this example (https://youtu.be/ugzUfzTvRL0), users can connect their wallets, choose to mint an NFT, and a unique, programmatically generated NFT is sent to the wallet via contract on the blockchain.

We will have a second functionality where NFT owners can connect to our website and redeem physical merchandise. We need to keep track of how many times NFTs have been redeemed for merchandise.

Please hit me up so we can organize a short call going over the scope or send contact info here. Thanks!

TG: @spobro
Skype: live:ammonkaopua
Discord: Elkay81#0198