Help needed to understand some concept about BEP20 contracts and liquidity

Hello everyone,

I’m actually making some test on the bsc testnet to have a better understanding of the smart contracts.

To start with, i simply deployed a clone of the safemoon contract but i don’t understand everything.

When deploying the contract, a pair is created on uniswapv2, i replaced the router address with 0xD99D1c33F9fC3444f8101754aBC46c52416550D1 (the router address for pancake swap testnet).

Question 1 : What is the utility of this pair ?

After the deployement, i go to pancakeswap and provide liquidity, for exemple 2T token for 5BNB.

Question 2 : If i understand correctly, its just to fix an initial value for the token ?

Question 3 : after this on pancake swap, only these 2T tokens can be traded ?

Question 4 : What am i supposed to do with the rest of the supply that sit in my wallet ?

Here is the first batch of questions, sorry if some of them are stupid, i already made some research on this forum and on the net, i understand the big lines of the contracts and the solidity language. My difficulties are more with the liquidity/swap.

:computer: Environment
ETH Remix on bsc testnet


You are right, this makes the initial price of the currency fixed.

Yes, only these 2Q are to be negotiated.

I may be wrong, I am also studying, but I send where the 2Q is located so 100% of the supply is there, so that all of it can be negotiated.

Question 1 I am still studying.

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile: , i found that the pair created at the contract deployement is a pancakeswap pair so i tried to add liquidity to it but after that i can’t trade my token. i’ll continue to look for it !

Actually is needed for your LP. If you go on the pair address you will se Cake-LP which will be the address of your LPs.

Yes, right. You can set the price the first time you add liqudiity and after this you can add a new time but this time based on the rate you set the first time.
If you remove liqudiity the rate will remain the same so can’t be changed

Your choice. Someone burn, someone locks. You can decide

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What ratio for price initialisation would be recommended?