Hello_world contract


Even though I already code in several languages, I’m having a hard time finding documentation on "advanced " ERC20 contracts (with or without your libraries).

I’d like to create a token wich does the following:

  • one time minting all coins
  • 0.1% fees of all transactions toward a specified address
  • burn of all the token on this address once a month on a specific day (ie every 2nd day of the month) , from this address to the zero address.
  • another address which transfers 25% of it’s tokens to the above mentioned address the day before it burns (ie every 1st day of the month)

It’s pretty straight forward to code the basic smart contract with it’s supply with your code examples.

But how about :

  • getting current day of the month into variable ?
  • coding the 0.1% fees on each transfer
  • coding the monthly burn of a specific address with the day number as a condition
  • coding the 25% recurring transfer from one address to another on a monthly basis ?

Do I need to create different contracts ?
How about conditional operations syntax ?
Wich language is it based upon ?
If ($day == $dayburn)

Wich parts of my contract can be called through your SDK ? Are there some parts with wich I’ll need to use native ERC20 programming, without any function from your SDK ? Or can it be completely done easily with call straight to you libraries ?

A lot of thanks in advance :relaxed:

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