Hello, need some suggestions on a ERC20 token I am working on for Polygon

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of questions for a project I am working on, I hope someone can help out.

My smart contract is using a project that one of the guy here proposed, which I think is written better that the original (safemoon). If you want to give a look at it here is the repo > https://github.com/solidity-guru/safetoken

Regarding my questions:

-> My token doesnt have rfi, but will have burn, dev wallet fee and auto liquidity.
is there a better example I could give a look at?

-> I would like to apply a burn stop when the supply reaches a certain amount. the current implementation send the burn tokens to a burn wallet. I don't think this will lower the total supply or I am wrong? is there a way to implement a burn stop even though the total supply doesnt dimish if I use the burn wallet strategy?

-> My project will be released on Polygon. The auto LP will go on Dfyn.
is there any way to test it on mumbai net? on safetoken there is no place to add V1 router and factory addresses, do you think it would work or I should look a implementations like safemoon and change the code?

-> Last but not least...do you reckon it would be a good move to make it an upgradeable contract or the fact that it is a token would freak people out?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion to one or all of my questions :slight_smile: