Guides and Tutorials requests

If there are Guides and Tutorials that we don’t have yet then please let us know here.

Whether it is for you now, or past you, or for new people in the community, we want to help.

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I can start this off. Some guides I would like to see:

Some suggestions that I’ve seen and think could be great are:

  • A guide on standards, what is an EIP, why standards are important, why using proven code is a good idea
  • How to setup a testing environment using openzeppelin-test-helpers, as well as pointers regarding how to structure your smart contract tests
  • Why OpenZeppelin provides internal functions, and how these are expected to be used (this one comes up somewhat often)
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I remember @scammi, @paulinablaszk, @obernardovieira, @ianbrtt and @Coinmonks having shown interest on this, can you think of any ideas?

Going through the #support category can give us some clues as well :slight_smile:


Is there a guide for deploying ERC721 using zOS?

I assume we have to import the contracts from the openzeppelin-eth because of the initializer. The closer I’ve found was Onboarding ERC20 tokens

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It’s actually here Linking to EVM packages :smiley:

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are there any tutorials from start to finish?

Setup truffle, make an erc20 standard token or something like this, launch token, verify, and maybe make a simple website using web3 connecting with metamask and approve/send transaction.

I did teach most of stuff like this myself, but it would be helpful to have a tutorial for people just starting out developing different dapps.

Also web3 tutorials, I have no Idea where to start lol.

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Hi @Fuchseibua123,

Welcome to the community :wave:

A good place to start is:

We don’t have a tutorial on creating dapps.

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

I’m new in this area, though I’m an experienced developer. And when I started learn blockchain, I was buried under tons of info. And what I want from start it guide how debug a contracts with a set of tools.
I think it will not guide-for-dummers but show how solve a complex problem.

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