Gnosis on Moonbase - Issues

I want to use Gnosis Safe as Timelock admin. I've deployed Timelock from Uniswap and Gnosis on Moonbase.

Now, I'm trying to set admin of Timelock to Gnosis safe. The Gnosis needs to accept the invite.

When I try to create acceptAdmin() transaction I cannot move forward even though I did 2 approvals on Gnosis. The error I get is:

Transaction would revert. Check that permissions, balances, and other function requirements are valid for the transaction you want to run.

:computer: Environment

Network: Moonbase
Timelock: 0xD1EFaB19DA76eDe80F84B9996A5f0f396C9F6059
Gnosis Safe: 0xa0F0C8f8000e9e1aE1608649DAc286CAF1FB1749

:memo: Details