Get list of proxies managed by Beacon?

I am using the Beacon proxy upgrade pattern as outlined here:

 const beacon = await upgrades.deployBeacon(Box);
 await beacon.deployed();
 const box = await upgrades.deployBeaconProxy(beacon, Box, [42]);

How do you get a list all the beacon proxies deployed from your beacon? Typically this is stored on-chain in a factory based on my understanding

Beacons do not manage any beacon proxies. A beacon only has a reference to its implementation.

Beacon proxies themselves store a reference to the beacon that they are using according to ERC1967.

If you want to find the beacon proxies that you have deployed using the Upgrades Plugins, you can look at the network file and find entries under proxies with "kind": "beacon". Note: do not delete or modify this file yourself.

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Thank you.

Is the proxy information not stored on chain? Ideally I would be able query the Beacon Factory by owner address and get the associated the proxy address

That would depend on your beacon factory implementation. The upgrades plugins do not deploy beacon factories.

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