Feature Request: Add wallet connect support to send transactions from Defender's relayers

  • It would be great if I could use existing DAPPs and use the relayer to initiate one-off transactions. Instead of adding the ABI of a contract and typing the function arguments manually, it makes sense to have WalletConnect support.
  • Example: My relayer address is eligible for ARB token airdrop. Right now I am going to have to go into the Merkel tree list, get the arguments required for the claim function and call the claim function manually. Instead, if I could just connect the relayer to website using wallet connect and claim, it would be a lot easier.
  • This is my need right now but I am sure others would find the wallet connect support very useful for a lot of other one-off transactions.

Thanks for the feature request @yashnaman ! I'll pass it along to the product team


I would love that too! Especially if it comes with a nice UI to "decode" the transactions params!