Fastest and clearest tutorials ever?

Most mathematical tutorials take paragraphs written in a contextless language to explain how to do a specific thing that doesn’t universally apply even to its neighbor project. Most teachers even the freshly taught newbies seem utterly incapable of keeping their tutorials to the point. It takes 2 hours to half-explain something that in practice is typed and executed in 7 minutes, I could learn simply by following visually through text, pictures, properly explained context.
How long did it take you all to learn javascript and solidity when you were a complete newbie?

Have you managed to find the quickest, clearest and most important tutorial? Something that you could learn to do by yourself in far far less time than 5x the time it took to follow the tutorial AND apply it everywhere else.
For example I can never find a proper tutorial on how to copy-paste over 20 different projects from GitHub, especially projects attached to frontend websites.
Mastering programming normally takes 5 years, just like a foreign language … if said foreign language was attached to puzzles. Then there’s people who learn in less than 2 weeks simply the practical side of the language rather than perfecting the grammar and mastering 10 different sentence structures.

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I think

Asking questions is the best teacher to learn.

For solidity learning, you can check the Solidity Document, and the OpenZeppelin contracts document.

Ask more, think more and write more.

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Hi @catmoot,

One of my favorite tutorials is Connecting to public test networks.
I :heart: all the OpenZeppelin Learn guides. When I started in 2017 I would have given almost anything to have these.

I have started a Coding Journey: Personal log to keep track of useful guides that I keep coming back to. (I keep looking at how to sync your fork with the original repo).

I find the best way to learn is to teach. I learn through answering questions.

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:heart: this @Skyge :pray: