Eth Deployment Fees SO EXPENSIVE

Why are eth deployment fees so expensive? The cost seems to appreciate as ETH appreciates in value preventing developers from launching on the network.

Is there a fix for this in ETH 2?

ETH mining fees are super high right now. From what I understand, ETH 2.0 will make mining fees less making token deployment less costly. In the mean time, I would use BSC or another solution to deploy.

Yeah, you are right, the eth deployment fee is a little high.
Actually, the cost of deploying a new contract or execute one function to write data is not only related to the gas limit for this operation, but also to the gas price, that is total cost = gas limit * gas price, so for the gas limit, you can modify the contract code to save gas, for the gas price, if you are not in a hurry, you can use a lower gas price than current average gas price(you can find the current gas price at here: ). As for the eth price, this is totally dominated by market behaviour.

At the ETH2, the aim is to significantly increase TPS, so at that time, you can use a lower gas price, but for gas limit, it still depends on the contract code.