Errors with deployed smart contract calling function

> const FlashBot = await ethers.getContractFactory('FlashBot');
> const Bot = await FlashBot.attach('0x73cc8fC1AD57ECB6ECC235fa71BfAa754FD650B7')
> await Bot.withdraw()
  hash: '0xf26871f98e5b3f5af22c047091a7d391c59fd791fe3cbfdac0037afe166f57f6',
  type: 0,
  accessList: null,
  blockHash: null,
  blockNumber: null,
  transactionIndex: null,
  confirmations: 0,
  from: '0x9E505de017E369480371dC393d67DDB44D53625f',
  gasPrice: BigNumber { value: "1050000000" },
  gasLimit: BigNumber { value: "32353" },
  to: '0x73cc8fC1AD57ECB6ECC235fa71BfAa754FD650B7',
  value: BigNumber { value: "0" },
  nonce: 19,
  data: '0x3ccfd60b',
  r: '0xe81e41c3a0c07c2a8badccb8f043273627144726a14a24987767dd96bc30104d',
  s: '0x59615fbab1d84950e714012c154ef71006da947b9f20974632e84197600726f2',
  v: 677,
  creates: null,
  chainId: 321,
  wait: [Function (anonymous)]

Not sure if this has anything to do with it but the "From" address is the address that deployed this and the one it's trying to send it "To" is the one that it's deployed to. I'm not even certain where to begin. I'd love to finish this so I could tweak it, and move on. Any ideas? I'm running it on KCC(KuCoin Community Chain) Mainnet