Error verifying ERC721 in Etherscan "Error! Unable to generate Contract ByteCode and ABI"


Followed the steps here: Error verifying ERC721 in Etherscan: File import callback not supported with GitHub imports - #11 by abcoathup?

Successfully Flattened the source code. but i'm getting the above error while verifying.

could share your contract



Can someone help me Verify my ERC20 Token Smart Contract? i am really battling.

@Amxx I'm following the same steps. i did flatten the contract but its still not verifying

I'm going to check your code. Since I had seen many problems when verifying the erc721 token and most of it has to do with the parameters passed by the constructor. My recommendation is after you flatten the contract, modify the constructor parameters, and declare those parameters inside the constructor directly, and I recommend checking in the testnet before doing it in the main one.

this is the contract flattened and verified on the rinkebay network


You can take the code from the verification, as you can the parameters in the main construct, they were changed to their respective contract in this case it is the contract that is named ERC721, I also recommend that you practice deploying in the test network and then in the main one

Another recommendation is that the symbol of your contract does not exceed 9 characters

I hope this helps you