Error in creating contract with dapp fork

Hello everyone.
Hope you all be fine.

I’m working on a git:

I have a problem with that i don’t know what is that for!

When I “npm run dev” dapp branch, everything is okay and it works great.
But when i change serviceReceiver info(mainnet and testnet wallet address) in “.vuepress/.env.json” in dapp branch, and then i “npm run dev” , it does not work and just appears error for creating token.(Meta mask say error in contract and the contract can not be deployed.

It took me almost a week but I was not able to solve the issue and don’t understand what is happening after changing env.json.

Hope to find answer here :slight_smile:

@FreezyEx Hi
Sry for bothering and mentioning, but can you look at this post and if you can, help me to figure it out?

Sorry I can’t help with this

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