ERC721 - Mint NFT with exact property

Can I somehow mint NFT with an exact property like color: green. There are a lot of colors but I want to give the user option to choose the color. To pass it somewhere. Maybe in _safeMint but as I see I cannot do this with the _data parameter.
If you have any solution for this problem I will appreciate it.

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Hi, welcome.

It should be possible. The image or NFT itself will have to prepare to recieve this variations before producing output.

You can customize the ERC721 contract's mint function as follows:

contract MyNFT is ERC721 {
    mapping(uint256 => string) public tokenColorCode;

    function mintNFT (string memory colorCode) onlyOwner {
        // Call to SafeMint
        // Set ColorCode
        tokenColorCode[tokenId] = colorCode;


  • Contract MyNFT is inherited from OpenZeppelin's ERC721 & Ownable contracts
  • When displaying the NFT it's color code can be fetched from tokenColorCode
  • If you are storing NFT metadata on IPFS/S3 storage, then you should leave the tokenColorCode as empty and populate the same from the contract by giving call to MyNFT.tokenColorCode(tokenId)

I hope this helps

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Thanks for the fast reply, but I already have a collection. Let's say there are 4 colors - blue, orange, green, white. Every single color has a 25% rarity. My idea is to give the user chance to pick NFT from this already created collection based on his color preferences.
If there is no way for this I will use this "runtime" solution you mentioned. And how to add the color layer to the already created PNG if we use your solution.