ERC721 - Clean up & remove duplicates best practices

Hello -
I'm brand new to Solidity and ERC721 and have finished my first smart contract to create an NFT series.

I'm ready to go and mass mint them and sell on a platform like OpenSea or Rarity, but when reviewing my work on Polygonscan, I realized I had mistakenly published duplicates of the contract and sent mints to the live net.

I don't want people to think I'm selling duplicates, and it might look like that if they scan the contracts attached to my wallet account.

I've written a number of error handlers into my scripts for future deployment, but what are best practices for cleaning up my current contracts out there?

Possible options:

  1. Verify each old contract and either burn or transfer out its contents? (not sure if I can if older contracts don't match the current build)

  2. Possible to transfer a whole contract (or individual tokens if I have to) to a "black hole" account? Would that matter since the block history would still exist?

  3. Start over with a new wallet ID? (would prefer not to, but possible)

Or something I didn't of?

None of the contracts have destruct functions. Deployed on Polygon, so I'm less concerned about gas if mass transfers are needed.