ERC20Votes for upgradability doesn't exist

I am looking for the same kind of idea as ERC20Votes , but in an upgradability way. I saw this but none of those contain:

  • delegation
  • I don't like to get balanceOfAt with snapshotId. ERC20Votes have it getPastVotes with block.number.

Doesn't openzeppelin provide such thing ? It's really a pity....

Any good advice what I can do ?

For some reason you're looking at the v3.3.0 tag. The contract doesn't exist on that version. Here it is in the latest version:

@frangio hmm, how could i miss this and why was I watching that tag version, no idea.

Thanks a lot.

Could you look into this as well ? Openzeppelin upgrades - new instance in a contract this has been left without any answer for 6days.

Thanks again in advance.