ERC20 Token deployed on Ethereum not flatten

I used OpenZeppelin and REMIX and I created a token a while ago. The token compiled fine and looked good on Rinkeby.
Then I deployed it to the Etereum network it was accepted and I paid the fee.

  1. I can see the token, but I can't see any token information on Etherscan
  2. I sent the contract not flattened - is that a problem?

I want to know if my token contract is valid as is or I need to load a flattened version on Etherscan.

It is recommended to display the contract flattened so as not to have a problem when verifying multiple files.

Is there a way to change the already deployed ERC20 contract with a flatten contract?

no, you will have to upload a new contract already flattened

its good practice to deploy and verify the contract on testnet. If everything is Good, then move to mainnet.

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So what message do you expect to get?

Emmmm, I think it does not matter. Maybe you can share your token address at here if possible.