ERC1761 Example Implementations Available?

Hi, everyone!
I’ve been looking at this EIP - 1761 for restricting my ERC1155 token approvals to certain scopes which unlike to the main standard, doesn’t let an approved operator transfer all the tokens for a specified address. It’s for limiting approvals for a third party operator transfer access to the owner’s particular token’s - certain amount of total holdings.

And I’m unable to find any implementation right away. Haven’t looked too deeply, in the EIP, it’s been mentioned that the example implementation is in Enjin Coin, but I couldn’t find that project implementing this scope. So if anyone knows of any such implementation, could you please point it out to me?
Thanks in advance ! :innocent:

Hi, the state of this EIP is Draft, and this is my first time to know this EIP, so sorry, I can not provide more idea.

And maybe you can look at this coin on the etherscan:
Enjin Coin | 0xf629cbd94d3791c9250152bd8dfbdf380e2a3b9c

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ohh alright! That’s no problem!
Thanks for responding.