ERC-20 blacklist

Hi there,

I have a question on the blacklist function of ERC-20 tokens.

Can the blacklist include any Ethereum address? For example, would it be possible to include all Ethereum addresses labelled as criminal or sanctioned by a KYT service provider in the blacklist?

Is it possible to incorporate addresses that belong to an exchange? For example, would it be possible to include in the blacklist an address corresponding to a Binance User?

Is there any possibility for the blacklist to be automatically updated when the KYT service provider labels new addresses as criminal / sanctioned? Or is this real-time update too costly? If so, how often are blacklists usually updated?

Thank you for your answer!

Yeah, you can add any address if you want.

You can write a function to add address to your blacklist (it needs permissions), you can do this whenever you want. I think you can have a check of the USDT, it has such functions.