Erc-20 assistance

Hey, first of all thank you for your time reading this. My questions/problems :

  1. I deployed a simple erc-20 to goerli , i managed to verify the source code by flattening the code
    Is this same for mainnet? Do i also need to flatten the code in order to verify on the mainnet?

  2. the contract has ownable function, i want to renounce ownership after updating info on etherscan

    • should i send the ownership to 0x00000000 or 0x00000dead , is there a difference?

Probably, although etherscan used to have some sort of Similar Contract indication (denoted with a yellow V instead of a green V next to the Contract tab), which allowed seeing the contract source code without having it explicitly verified. In either case, verifying it again on mainnet is not supposed to require a huge amount of effort on your side.

Any address with no known private key AND where no contract is deployed at (present-time or future-time), is equally valid in this case. It is custom to just use the zero address. FYI, that "dead" suffix doesn't imply that this address is "dead" in any manner. It is nothing more than a combination of hexadecimal characters, denoting an address whose private key is assumed to be out of computational reach. And the same goes for the zero address.

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