Enrich API return values

Hi !

For internal purposes, I'm building a tool to write and manage contracts from a VCS. The idea is pretty simple, right now it tries to reconcile what has been manually set up inside Defender and what is inside the VCS, and users can write proposals, create PRs and once merged will be submitted.

I was wondering if there are plans to add more data to some of the API responses. Currently contracts do not have their ABI returned with them, is there a particular reason why that is the case ?
Also it would be amazing if we could access the proposal voting details, this way we could very quickly generate summaries and not only link contracts to proposals, but also accounts that voted.

Thanks !

Hi @mortimr

These are both great suggestions and thank you for bringing these to our attention. The ABI is omitted on list methods to reduce the size of responses as some ABI is quite large. I will make an issue to add something in place for both of these suggestions.