Dynamically create metadata for ERC1155

Hello everyone,
i am trying to implement a react dapp which creates tokens with erc1155 standard, what i don’t understand is how to handle metadata. Can anyone share a full implementation of how this can be done?

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Hi @michele701,

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I suggest looking at the following example: Create an ERC1155

yes, I’ve already looked at it, but what I’m looking for is different, I would like my metadata to be created dynamically when the token was created, and nowhere is it explained how to do it

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HI @michele701,

I assume you mean when minting a token, as well as calling the smart contract you are also creating the metadata.

It depends how you are providing the metadata. Assuming you are hosting the metadata yourself, then you would need to develop functionality to create metadata for a specified token ID.

I don’t have an example of this.

okay, thanks for your availability.

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