Doubt regarding Developer Security

Hi, I have a question about a situation,

If I develop a token project with Blockchain Application for a person.

And this person decides to make a kind of pyramid or disappear with all the liquidity of a crypto.

Does the project developer (dev) who was paid to do this service end up being penalized too?

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Yeah, I am also confused about this issue, but sorry, I lack knowledge of the law in this area.

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And maybe you can ask Vitalik today:

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It's a good question and you should really consult with a lawyer if this is a concern for you.

This is a good reason to thoroughly vet the people that you work with. If you have the slightest concern that the person that hired you could run a pyramid scheme or steal liquidity, then you should not work with that person, not only for the purpose of reducing your own personal legal risk, but also because of ethical concerns from the possibility of causing people to lose money and suffer as a consequence.


Thanks for your opinion, we really have to understand the side of the person that we are offering some kind of service.

Because some people end up offering you more than most offer but the idea of ​​what it is can be different.

I'm looking for a lawyer to find out more about this, but everyone tells me they don't know how to inform because cryptocurrencies still don't "have" adequate laws...

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Thanks, it's a sensitive subject, I couldn't get him to answer me lol.

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Good question,
sometimes is not easy to understand their aim so to avoid any problem try to deploy from their pc using anydesk