Does the initialSupply go only to one person?

So I've got a question, a few days ago I've started reading about how to create an ERC-20 token, and now that I'm a bit further and understand how to do so, I've got a question

When you create the initialSupply by minting then sending that to the person who ran the construction, doesn't that mean that the whole supply gets sent to that person? So then how do you make it so that for example: you want the supply to be 10,000,000 tokens, and you want to get 2,000,000 for yourself so that the rest is available to others. Do the coins get released and are they available to buy/mine when you burn them? (however please correct me if i'm wrong, i'm still new to working with ERC-20 and creating your own token.)

Any help is gladly appreciated :slight_smile:

If you want to distribute tokens to others you will need to code the distribution mechanism. Or you can mint to yourself them put them up for sale on an exchange.

Sorry can't think of resources to share about this.

All good, no worries. To make the coins gain price and to make them purchasable, you need to make a liquidity pool right? At least that's what I've found after a bit of research online..

To make the coins gain price

No... I can't tell you how to make a coin gain price. This is a smart contract development forum. Price is driven by economics.

In order to make it purchasable, one of the easiest ways is to make a liquidity pool, yes.