Distributing large amounts of NFT to fans. Most cost effective way?

My company has about 50k active fans/customers who we want to send simple NFTs to - just some some metadata pointing to artwork of our IPs.

This doesn’t seem doable on ERC721 in a cost effective way given gas costs today - even minting would be fairly expensive. It looks like why FLOW was used for NBA Top Shots. Am I missing something very obvious in terms of cost effectiveness?

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Hi @nftnoob,

You could look at ERC1155 (though there is less eco system support for this): https://docs.openzeppelin.com/contracts/4.x/erc1155

You could create a merkle proof of who is allowed to mint and then have your customers pay for the minting (but this would be expensive for the customers and there may be limited uptake of the NFTs, again depending on value).

You could use a sidechain or Layer 2 solution, depending on the use case for the NFTs and their value. e.g. POAP uses xDAI with the option to mint on Mainnet, same for Nifty.ink.