Developer wanted - smart contract fix

TLDR - I thought I lost ether in a few smart contracts a few years ago that failed on deployment. However, a sweeper-type contract attacked one of my little contracts a few months ago, showing me they apparently aren't dead forever (they used re-init, create2, selfdestruct). They haven't come after the other ones - they seem to be moving in ABC/chronological order in terms of addresses they target, so that is what seems to be saving me so far.

I've got most of the legwork done to try and decompile/recompile the contract the sweeper used that was successful on one of my contracts, but am NOT a developer lol. I am offering 30% commission for a developer to specifically finish a contract that i can use to sweep myself (if that makes sense). Open Zeppelin sent me a lot of good resources to get me set up, and I've managed to piece together most of a contract code and ABI, but no idea how to customize it/ compile/deploy.

I am sure I am going to get a ton of bad actors responding to this - please reach out if you have some type of profile available for me to verify (github + social network, telegram etc).

Telegram: @DesarrollaorTalentosa