Developer wanted for ERC721 Contract


I need a ERC721 contract basically like a “opensea-creatures” on github. I want to minted my NFTs on my website who want to get it. on the ERC721 contract it must have bonding curve formlua. for an example i have 1K nft. My NFT price will be different like 0-100 = 0.01 eth 200-300 = 0.02 eth like so on.

  1. ERC721 Contract + Bonding curve formula i wan to learn your cost and deadline.
  2. web3 side front end. my website is already just i need metamask connection with the ERC721 i wan to learn your cost and deadline.

if you can do this with tasks like just 1 or both of them like 1.2 I’m waiting your offers,

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Hi @semes,

Welcome to the community. Good luck with your search.