Developer Wanted: AMOC > Cannabis Card Game Project UE4 721 / 1155 / 20 is looking for more team

Our backend is near by ready to produce the Game-Cards.

As a longtime no-budget-indie-garage-team, we need now a first tiny roll-out and some sales.
Some cash for mate & pizzas, of sure we can offer direct by the way.
Also a nice bonus in NFT`s and Coins for all in the team…

:computer: Environment
We are by the setups for the contract work & blockchain world.
But it is as it is, on end i guess: the developer like to setup his workspace by his self…

We know what we like to write, but no one in team is a contract writer.
So we need some contracts, and of sure one who like to stay in the team & project as leader for the blockchain_part of the project.

:1234: Code to reproduce
Actually nice will be a discussion about possibilities in contract functions & possibilities.
Also some frontend and chain discussions about switch an bridge…
About functions as switch for Artist_Mint / User_Mint, for all Art/Collectibles/GameCards mint processes…

by the way our cards and apps will be use also Mozart’s mathematics music dice functions,
so the user dice by some actions “his” background music…:wink:

It is real BIG project, PLEASE do NOT try to understand it on one day…

Basic BuzzWords:

AMOC = Main project, Card Game and NFT Card Collections.
OSWEED = Public Market for WeedArt & Events. Also “Homebase” for AMOC.
BuschCoin = The coin for the ecosystem.

… Sounds nice… ?

… Best… Buschi Buschmann.


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“Oh” …Ok-Ok a contact way will be also a good text for this :rofl:
Grab me on Discord Buschmann#2755 or on Telegram @BuschiBuschmann