Developer Contract

Hello, I am looking for a programmer to help me with a contract with the following characteristics: 100000 initial supply,
daily mintage of 10,000 and a total mintage of 10,000,000, which charges a commission of 1% per transaction and burns 0.5 of this commission.
spend budget

Hey. I can help. Id need more precisions though. Sent you an email.

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Hello there I answered you, thanks.

Hello mate,

Can you please ping me at this one

Contact :- +917708650495,
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Telegram :-,
Skype :- live:.cid.9c5a9a88b91e4124

Didnt get your answer mate, dm me or contact me on TG

answered thank you

you didnt lmao. Message me here or on telegram

Hi there,

I could assist you with this.

You can contact me through:

Telegram: @Tray_crypto