Description formatting in proposals

Currently, it seems the description of a proposal as it is provided to Defender via the SDK does not use any sort of formatting and it's just displayed as a one-line string? We have CI automation that needs to add a couple of info in the proposal description and it'd be amazing to enable some sort of formatting support via the SDK/API so these descriptions are easy to review.


Thanks for the suggestion, @kargakis! We were thinking of adding markdown support for proposals later down the road. Would that work for you?

Hi @spalladino, yes, markdown support would be great! Do you have any ETA on this feature?

Not at the moment, but we'll keep you posted!


This would make a huge difference to the readability of the proposals I have to review on a regular basis!

Hopefully it is pretty easy to implement too, since there are a ton of Markdown rendering libraries out there.