Deploying Smart contract ERC20 for token, and calling the contract for changes

Dear Forumers,

I am working on a token smart contract, trying to write a process for deploying smart contract to moonbeam and etherscan, with predefined function in OpenZeppelin, using Remix.

I am looking for the way, how to call the contact, if you want to make any changes, after contract was deployed.

If there is anyone so kind to give a few words for this process, and as well, which functions is the best to choose in OpenZepelin side, to make Token safe, but manageable.

I appreciate your time.

If you want to deploy a contract and later, it can be changed, I think you can use the proxy pattern, and for more details, you can have a look at the documentation: Upgrades - OpenZeppelin Docs

Thank you Skyge. When you define number of tokens, is is better to use premint function in openzeppeln wizzard before deploying. or after deployment?